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Elena F. Kranioti

by Elena F Kranioti, MD, Ph.D last modified 2011-08-14 14:45

Department of Paleobiology
Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales
C/ José Gutierrez Abascal 2
28006 Madrid
Phone: 34 91 566 8789
Fax: 34 91 566 8760
Skype: zelkaida



I am an EVAN fellow in the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales in Madrid, Spain, since July 2007. During the first two years of my fellowship I focused my research on the study of skeletal growth via the observation of remodeling processes. Remodeling is defined as the coordinated activity of osteoblasts (forming bony cells) and osteoblastic (absorbing bony cells) on the bony surface. Thus skeletal growth is not a result of isometric deposition of new tissue on the external surface and resorption on the internal one, but it relies on coordinated osteoclastic and osteoblastic activities on different regions of the bony surface. I have focused my work on the observation of the remodelling patterns on the occipital bone in order to better understand the forces that drive occipital growth. Preliminary results of my work were presented on the 78th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists held in Chicago, Illinois, March 28th-April 5th, 2009. Additionally I have published my results in the Anatomical Record (Kranioti et al., 2009). After the end of my original project (15.07.2009) I applied and got an extension contract in EVAN (up to the end of the EVAN project, December, 2009) for studying the ontogenetic growth of the occipital bone using 3D Geometric Morphometrics. This project is a continuation of my original work on the occipital bone by observing remodeling activities and it is expected to complement that work and to contribute to the existing knowledge on cranial growth. Within the EVAN network I attended 12 international workshops and lectures with focus on virtual anthropology, geometric-morphometric methods and skeletal trauma which allowed me to acquire knowledge on the new technologies on the field of anthropology while I remained updated to the ongoing methodologies in forensic medicine. Within very short time I became capable of operating a series of software used in these fields such as, tps series, Morphologika, Amira, Morpheus et al., Viewbox, EVAN Toolkit etc. I applied the new methods I was taught during these intensive courses in part of my Ph.D data and in collaboration with the Paleoanthropology group in Madrid, I published an article for potential forensic applications of geometric morphometrics (Kranioti et al., 2009). Additionally, I have made significant contacts in the past years (physical and forensic anthropologists, archaeologists, paleoanthropologists, paleobiologists in Europe and US etc) which will eventually lead to productive collaborations in the near future.



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  • Kranioti EF, Bastir M, Sánchez-Meseguer A, Rosas A. A geometric morphometric study of the Cretan humerus for sex identification. Forensic Sci Int 2009;189(1-3):111.e1-8.


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  • Remodeling patterns of the human occipital bone: A preliminary report. E.F. Kranioti, A. Rosas, S. García-Vargas, A. Estalrrich. American Association of Physical Anthropologists: 78th annual meeting March 31st-April 4th, 2009, Chicago, Illinois (Oral presentation).
  • The Neanderthals from El Sidrón (Asturias, Spain). Updating a new sample. A. Rosas, A. Estalrrich, A. García-Tabernero, M. Bastir, S. García-Vargas, A. Sánchez-Meseguer, R. Huguet, C. Lalueza-Fox, Á. Peña-Melián, E.F. Kranioti, D. Santamaría, M. De la Rasilla, J. Fortea.Société d'Anthropologie de Paris, 150th Annual Meeting, January 26th-30th, 2009, Paris, France (Oral presentation).



    Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology

    Department of Archaeology,

    School of History, Classics and Archaeology

    The University of Edinburgh,

    Doorway 4 Teviot Place

    Edinburgh EH1 9AG, Scotland, UK

    Tel. +44 (0)131 6502368