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Phone: + 43 - 5572 - 7272 - 1561
Fax: + 43 - 5572 - 7272 - 8661


The Zumtobel Toolshop (z-werkzeugbau-gmbh) was a subcompany of the international Zumtobel concern founded in 1950. Originally specialized on luminaires and lighting components, the Zumtobel group nowadays offers a wide range of services from lighting solutions to toolmaking. Since April 2005, the z-werkzeugbau is an independent company. The Toolshop is one of the world leading experts on rapid prototyping and the production of stereolithographies. Decades of collaboration with the UNVI and UHIN lead to established knowledge in working with anthropological objects (skull models, e.g. Tyrolean Iceman, Pleistocene fossils) and for the medical field on the production of models as device for the preparation of craniofacial surgeries. Zumtobel offers apprenticeship training for Power system electricians, Plastics engineers, Machine mechanics, Tool mechanics, Cutting engineers, Office clerks, Mechatronics engineers, Industrial clerks and Commercial clerks. The unit has also a large experience in installation of professional exhibitions, including scientific contents.

Scientific staff:


Dipl.-Ing. Hermann EBERLE

general manager

Organisation, dissemination


Bruno KUEN


Scientist in charge for EVAN

Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling


Alexander HOFER


Stereolithography / Duplicate Moulding


Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Stereolithography: design appraisal, stable, reproducible models, fit and function tests, in the medical field: preparation for surgery, Metall Prototyping - Mould Making for series production (e.g. fossil specimens for teaching aids), Vakuum casting: highly precise polyurethane resin casts made from a stereolithography-based silikone mould under vakuum-condition, Punching and Forming - Automation, Special-purpose Machines High Precision Machining, Micro Moulding, Micro Machining, Ultra Precision Manufacturing