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Neanderthal Museum
representing also TNT - The Neanderthal Tools including NESPOS data archive
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NEMU is one of most popular museums on human evolution in Germany and has received numerous national and international awards. The Neanderthal Museum pursues an interdisciplinary academic approach beyond its purely museographic remit. It is an internationally recognised institution with emphasis on the research of the Palaeolithic in Europe and the Near East. Recent field work is conducted in Spain, France and Syria. The staffs consist of 35 employees including 7 scientists from archaeology and anthropology. NEMU is scientific leader of the TNT-Project for 3-D exploration and real time collaboration of Neanderthal fossils and archaeological objects.

TNT is an EU-Project within the EU 6th Framework Program. From January 2006 onwards, NEMU together with the scientific partners of the TNT project will manage the NESPOS database, a professional online service for anthropologists and archaeologists. NESPOS is currently developed by the TNT project. It is an innovative and unique tool for scientific online collaboration in anthropology and archaeology. NESPOS complies the requirement of the EVAN archive and will be used as database platform for EVAN by providing an extra space and online platform for EVAN users.

Scientific staff:


Prof. Dr. Gerd-Christian WENIGER

director, professor of prehistoric archaeology

Scientist in charge for EVAN

Prehistoric archaeology, database management


Dr. Andreas PASTOORS

senior researcher

Prehistoric archaeology, database management



M.A., junior researcher

Anthropology, morphometrics, database management


M.A., junior researcher
Prehistoric archaeology, database management



Weniger, G.-C. et al. (2005) NESPOS. A new scientific online platform . In: The World is in your eyes. Computer Applications in Archaeology 2005, Tomar, (in press).


Weniger, G.-C. et al. (2004) TNT: The Neanderthal Tools. In, K. Chain et al. (Hg.): The 5th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage VAST, 1-2.


Gröning, F (2003) Zur endo- und intracranialen Variabilität der Frontalregion beim archaischen und modernen Homo sapiens in Afrika und Europa: Eine Studie mit Hilfe CT-basierender Rekonstruktion. Diploma Thesis at the University Hamburg.


Database management of NESPOS (Neanderthal Studies Professional Online Service), large private webspace for EVAN community to host surface, volume and other data, large cast collection of global hominid fossil record, highly frequented website by international public for dissemination of EVAN