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University of Hull,
HIVE (Hull Immersive Visualization Environment)
Phone: + 44 - 14 - 82 - 46 - 56 - 80
Fax: + 44 - 14 - 82 - 46 - 68 - 08



The Centre for Medical Engineering ( CMET ) at Hull has one of the world's leading groups ( SimVis - Director Roger Phillips) in applying imaging, visualization, modelling, simulation and virtual environments for training, diagnostics and surgery in medicine. CMET will bring in comprehensive state of the art visualization facilities and considerable experience in developing software for novel multidisciplinary applications of visualization and virtual environment technology. Other CMET partners are; the Medical Engineering group (Director - Michael Fagan) which brings expertise in bone mechanics and adaptation as well as access to excellent facilities for MicroCT imaging, mechanical testing and modelling of skeletal and other structures and Medical Physics (Director Christian Langton) which has expertise in bone structure, mineralisation and imaging. CMET collaborative research spans bone biology and adaptation, craniofacial development, cardiac and vascular modelling, prosthesis design and image guided therapies.

Scientific staff at CMET:


Prof. Roger PHILLIPS

professor of software engineering, Simvis

Scientist in charge for EVAN

Visualization, imaging, haptics


James WARD

research fellow, Simvis

Graphics, virtual environment technologies, haptics, visualization


Dr. Qinde LI

lecturer, Simvis

Rigid and non-rigid registration, surface representation, solid geometry


Dr. Michael FAGAN

senior lecturer, MedEng

Finite element modelling, medical simulation, bone remodelling



Westwood JD, Haluck RS, Hoffman HM, Mogel GT, Phillips R, Robb RA (Editors), Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 13 -The magical next is the magical now , IOS Press, I 638 pp, 2005.


Hull Immersive Virtual Environment; Stereoscopic displays (Fakespace powerwall 5.4 x 2.8 metres with active stereo, 6.1 sound and head tracking; ReachIn, Elumens dome; Sharp Actus3D; helmet mounted displays), optical 3D-digitisers (NDI Polaris, Flashpoint 500, Philips OPMS), laser 3D-digitisers (Leica Geosystems HDS 3000 , Minolta VI-9i), magnetic trackers (Polhemus Liberty&Fastrak), high performance computing cluster (72 CPU, 144Gbyte RAM, Myrinet 2000), TCTi 3-D human scanner, 14 camera Vicon motion analysis system, haptics (Sensable Phantom 6DOF&3DOF, 5DT gloves ), Coordinate acquisition kits, +MJFs kit. programming software (MathCad, Matlab, C++), 3D-software packages (Amira 3.2, Iris Explorer, 3DStudio Max, MIMICS, Cinema4D) HYMS/Sports lab; 20 camera Qualisys. Medical engineering lab; MicroCT, bone material testing facilities; SEM; strain gauging, FEA modelling.

Regular teaching programme:

Visualisation and Virtual Environments

Computer Games Development