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Gruner + Jahr AG&Co KG,
GEO Redaktion
Phone: + 49 - 40 - 3707 - 6323
Fax: + 49 - 40 - 3703 - 5647

Gruner + Jahr is one of the major German publishing house with outlets and publications all over Europe and the world. GEO magazine is published by G+J. GEO is the leading reportage-based magazine in the German-speaking world. It was founded as one of the most quality orientated press products of the postwar era in 1976 and after more than 30 successful years it is well known for it's vital and unmistakable mixture of the power and magic of the image and the lasting power of well-researched and well-written texts. GEO's circulation varies between 460000 and 520000 copies (main magazine), with eight line extensions and 95 employees it is one of G+J's most successful publications. For more than ten years now the German GEO has taken a "scientific turn", topics of anthropology, human biology and medicine have been of key importance in this process - and proved to be best sellers. Besides the German edition GEO is also published in France, Spain and Russia with own editorial boards, all magazines are well established in their respective markets for many years. Since 2005 GEO International has launched issues in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Finland. GEO Germany will take care of the dissemination of EVAN topics to the non-expert public and set up a training program in journalistic skills for EVAN fellows.

Scientific staff:




   Scientist in charge for EVAN

   Responsible for the complete volume of GEO International, published in 17 countries worldwide.
   In own writing expert for various topics from the field of Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology.



Coordinator EVAN for GEO

   Trained anthropologist. Editorial Coordinator GEO International.

Publications with relation to EVAN:











GEO 1/2006, page 174, "Der andere Mensch"

GEO 9/2006, page 160, "Die Folgen der frühen Sucht"

GEO 1/2007, page 178/197, "Per Scanner in die Vorzeit"

GEO 11/2007, page 220 / 221, "Am Zahn der Urzeit"

GEO 6/2009, page 156 "Kräftig zugebissen"

GEO International 5/2009 (GEO India page 24) "Form Follows Function"

GEO International 6/2009 (GEO India page 26) "What the "Faces" of Cars Reveal"

GEO International 8/2009 (GEO India page 21) "Dynamic from Day One"

GEO International 2/2010 (dt. Fassung) "Puzzeln am virtuellen Tempelgrab"