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Cybula Ltd. Pattern Recognition Systems
Phone: + 44 - 1904 - 567 - 681
Fax: + 44 - 1904 - 567 - 685


Cybula ltd was formed in 2001 as a spin-out of the York University's Advanced Computer Architectures Group. Jim Austin has been heavily involved with the group for more than fifteen years, and certain technologies, were coming to fruition and required a commercial base for exploitation. Cybula was therefore formed to take the technology forward, and into the public sector. Since that time, Cybula has grown and expanded the core pattern-matching technology, AURA, to the stage whereby it can seamlessly work with textual, graphic, volumetric and symbolic data. Cybula has also designed and implemented two versions of its Presence hardware platform for AURA (PRESENCE 2 and Cortex II). Recently, Cybula has found that the AURA technology is keenly suited to the biometrics industry and is pursuing research and development in a world-class face-recognition system whose performance outstrips current standards by factors of a thousand or more. Being closely allied with York University also allows Cybula excellent access to expertise, resources and knowledge, the combination of which has allowed Cybula to progress to the stage whereby it has a commercial biometrics system. Cybula has also kept close links with the White Rose Grid consortium, and a number of other UK universities, participating in a number of EU-funded and UK DTI-funded projects.



Julian YOUNG

software manager

Commercial software development


Dr. Sujeewa ALWIS


Statistical Methods, Image Processing, Graph Matching techniques, Project Management


Prof. Jim AUSTIN


Scientist in charge for EVAN

Project supervision


Cybula is an SME and not publishing research papers. However, Cybula has strong links with HYMS/CMET, where the products of Cybula are used for scientific research. Related publications can be found at


Passive 3-D stereo cameras, capture technology, developed pattern-matching and biometric software, advanced pattern matching hardware resources, AURA C++ libraray, AURA Graph matcher library, Signal Data Explorer, AURAtext search Engine, MinerTaur document search engine, FaceEnforce 3D-3D and 3D-2D facial recognition system, PRESENCE II hardware and Cortex II pattern recognition systems. Cybula has also access to the White Rose Grid. The Grid is a large distributed supercomputing cluster, located across the north of England.

Regular teaching programme

  • Cybula offers regular training courses for the use of AURA software for image analysis and recognition tasks and other company-related technologies