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Workshop: Medical imaging processing and analysis, visualization and virtual environments in anthropology

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Universities of York and Hull 10 – 12 January 2007

What Workshop
When 2007-01-10 09:30 to
2007-01-12 17:30
Where York/Hull
Attendees coming soon
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This workshop will introduce participants to applications of modern medical imaging, processing and analysis, visualization and virtual environments in anthropology. It is intended to provide basic training in the use of common techniques and tools for the visualization and quantification of anatomies in 2 and 3D.The workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to experience MRI and CT scanners in operation, manipulate image stacks and carry out basic processing and reconstruction using PCs and a state of the art virtual environment. No prior experience is required.

The programme is listed below together with an application form which must be returned as soon as possible to guarantee a place. Detailed information on travel to and accomodation in York is also provided by following the links below.



Medical imaging, processing and analysis; visualization and virtual environments in anthropology
Universities of
York and Hull
10 –
12 January 2007

Wednesday January 10th

(Room C/A/102, Chemistry Building)
Workshop venue

9.00 -9.30 Registration

If you have not already paid your registration fee, you can pay in cash (Sterling) at this time.

9.30 - 10.00 Attendee Introductions
Attendees introduce themselves and state their aims for coming on the course.

10.00 - 11.30 Physics of medical imaging
Leader W Recheis: This workshop will outline the basics of how CT, MRI, ultrasound and other commonly available medical imaging modalities work. The differences and similarities between approaches will be reviewed and consideration will be given to what each imaging modality is suited to and what can be measured with which equipment.


11.45 - 13.00 Basics of image processing
Leader W Recheis: This session will focus on the basics of (medical) image processing such as image formats (DICOM), preparation of data for subsequent processing steps (e.g. Analyze 7.5 format) histogram analysis, binary operators, filtering, thresholding, first steps into segmentation and object classification. Also covered will be the physical limitations of imaging devices. Finally the participants will learn the first steps in finding landmarks.

13.00 – 14.00  Sandwich Lunch at HYMS

14.00-15.30 Visit to the York Neuroimaging Centre
A tour and demonstration of a 3T MRI scanner used for research on humans. This session will allow attendees to assess equipment potentially available for their future work.


16.00 - 17.30 Visualization of 3D data
Leader Walid Ali and Roger Phillips:  This session will outline commonly used approaches for visualization of 3D data from image slice data and point cloud data. This will cover topics such as surface and volume rendering; construction of surface models e.g. segmentation, Marching Cubes etc; volume rendering e.g. transfer functions, use of 2D and 3D textures for rendering; surface modeling e.g. triangulation, implicit surface; lighting models for rendering; surface geometry e.g. decimation, simplification; point cloud representation, direct visualization, 3D modeling from point cloud data. Overview of image and visualization tools available. This session aims to familiarize attendees with techniques and algorithms that frequently appear in the software tools they will use during the rest of the workshop.

Thursday January 11th

Workshop Venue - University of Hull


Coach Leaves HYMS York Car Park for Hull

9.30 - 10.00  Centre for Medical Engineering Technology
Leader Mike Fagan: Demonstration of MicroCT scanning facilities.


10.15 – 12.30  Hull Immersive Virtual Environment -Practical Session 1

The purpose of the practical sessions is to give attendees practical experience in image processing and analysis techniques including segmentation, constructing 3D models and visualizing them. This will then allow attendees to perform a number of essential tasks of particular interest in anthropology such as selecting landmarks, measuring distances, calculating volumes and areas and marking-up anatomical features. Attendees will be provided with a data set, a range of image processing and visualization packages, access to PCs and set specific tasks related to anthropology such as segment a tooth from a mandible, determine volume of a frontal sinus, get rid of encrustations, etc.  Attendees will also be able explore the various software packages available.

Attendees will be supported by the local fellows and staff of HIVE and the EU EVAN and PALAEO projects.

12.30 13.30 Sandwich lunch at HIVE

13.30 – 14.30 Hull immersive Virtual Environment (HIVE)

Leader James Ward and Roger Phillips. Introduction to Virtual Environments: What is a virtual environment, augmented reality, etc? Overview of virtual environment technologies: displays, haptics, audio, motion and gesture tracking etc. Types of VR systems – immersive, desktop, HMDs, holograms, etc. Demonstration of VE facilities this will include HIVE’s equipment which include stereoscopic headtracked workwall (5.4 x 2.8m), autostereo displays, laser scanners, interacting with virtual worlds using gestures and haptics, position tracking, etc. A range of VE applications spanning medical, anthropology and archeology will be demonstrated. This will feature a full-size radiotherapy training facility, an immersive anatomy trainer for the brain, haptic-based landmarking system, etc.


14.45 – 17.30  Practical Session 2
Continuation of practical work.

17.45 - Return Coach to York for Dinner

19.30 SOCIAL EVENT – Italian Food at ASK Pizzeria, York

Friday January 12th

Workshop Venue - University of Hull


Coach Leaves HYMS York Car Park for Hull

9.30 - 1.30 Practical Session 3
Continuation of practical work.

13.30-14.30 Sandwich Lunch

14.30 – 16.30 Demonstration of attendees models and results in – HIVE
Each attendee will present his work from the practical session on HIVE’s immersive workwall.

16.45 - 17.30 Attendee Self Appraisal

Each attendee will provide a self appraisal of how the workshop is likely to benefit them.

Tea and coffee breaks during morning and afternoon sessions

17.45 Return Coach to York

Map of York Campus indicating key locations for the Workshop

16       Chemistry dept at York room C/A/102 – venue for Wednesday 10th
4          The Biocentre is on the Science Park, - MRI demonstration Wednesday 10th
20       The grey area north of this is the car park from which the coach to Hull will collect you on Thursday and Friday morning at 8.00 am

Map University of York Campus

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