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Luca Fiorenza

I am a PhD student working on occlusion and function of hominid teeth, studying the wear patterns in Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens by 3-D analysis. It is hypothesised that differences in the daily diet of Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis should be mirrored in differences of tooth use and the resulting wear pattern.

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2.5 Data Archive
NESPOS_pan troglodytes 2008-12-23
NESPOS_Gorilla gorilla 2008-12-23
NESPOS_Pongo abelii 2008-12-23
NESPOS_Pongo pygmaeus 2008-12-23
NESPOS_H.erectus 2008-12-23
1.3 Strategic Contacts/interactions
Bushmen collection 2008-12-21
Regourdou mandible 2008-12-21
Visit in Leipzig: 3D models processing and exchanging data 2008-01-16
Exchanging data with UNVI 2008-01-16
2.2 Exhibitions
Humankind in 3D (EVAN temporary Exhibition) 2008-01-16
2.7 Grants/Funding
OSS_grant 2008-12-23
OSS Travel Grants 2008-01-16
3D occlusal compass 2009-10-09
1.5 Invitations SIC/Fellow/Staff
Newcomers Network Magazine 2008-12-21
Otto Stern School: Opening Cerimony 2008-01-16
Interview in Frankfurter Neue Presse 2008-01-16
3.4 Response in public media
Media 2008-12-23
Newspaper interviews 2008-01-16
4.1 EVAN-Partner(s)/fellow(s) organising
ITC RISE November 2007 2008-01-16
4.2 ESR presenting PhD thesis
Occlusion Wear Pattern Analysis of Functional Morphology in Neanderthal and Early Homo sapiens Dentition 2010-01-04
2.1 Publications
Geometric morphometric methods for bone reconstruction: the mandibular condyle of Pico della Mirandola. 2010-01-04
Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis (OFA) –Quantification of tooth wear pattern. 2010-01-04
Morphology, wear and 3D digital surface models: materials and techniques to create high-resolution replicas of teeth. 2009-12-29
Function and wear pattern analysis in Neanderthal and early Homo sapiens dentitions. 2008-12-23
100 Years of Homo heidelbergensis Symposium- Poster 2008-01-16
4.3 Fellows acquire complementary skills
GEO_workshop 2008-12-23
Scientific Writing Skills I - Structure and Quality 2008-12-23
Oral Scientific Presentation 2008-12-23
Scientific writing (poster) 2008-12-23
1.1 Visits SICs/Fellows/Staff
Final EVAN Conference and 4th Annual Meeting 2009-12-29
Applying EVAN tookit in VA, medicine, industry 2009-12-29
Oral presentation - Musée de l’Homme, Paris 2009-12-29
Gender Board Workshop - Life after EVAN - Athens 2009-12-29
3rd Annual meeting in Athens 2009-12-29
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