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Alexandre Bourdeu

I am an engineer in Optics and Image Processing who has had a two-year EVAN fellowship at Breuckmann GmbH, in Meersburg, Germany. My task there was to implement applications to help anthropologists in the digitization of objects with 3-dimensional surface scanners. This included the development of functions for morphometrical analysis as well as for the improvement of rendering. After the end of my EVAN contract, I have begun a PhD thesis in anthropology at the University of Vienna, on the "Study of the Inheritance of the Habsburg Prognathism Through Sculpted Portraits".

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2.5 Data Archive
Surface scans of human faces 2008-06-17
Curves on human jaw 2009-11-02
Landmarks on a human face 2009-11-02
Result of texture mapping 2009-11-02
Interface for texture mapping 2009-11-02
Surface scan of a living person 2009-11-02
2.9 Development of new methods
Algorithms to extract landmarks on 3D meshes 2007-03-23
4.1 EVAN-Partner(s)/fellow(s) organising
Workshop on surface scanning of soft and hard tissues 2008-06-17
4.2 ESR presenting PhD thesis
Alexandre Bourdeu PhD thesis 2007-01-23
1.1 Visits SICs/Fellows/Staff
Meeting/Workshop in York 2008-12-18
Workshop on craniofacial development 2008-06-17
Visit to Vienna 2008-04-14
Mid-term review and yearly meeting 2008-03-17
Visit to Vienna 2008-02-07
3.7 Adjustments of workplan
Workplan of Alexandre Bourdeu 2007-01-25
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