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dHAL Software is dedicated to developing software applications, mainly for the field of craniofacial biology and orthodontics. The company was founded in 2003, in order to provide a framework for continuation and expansion of the successful course of the Viewbox software, that had been in development for a number of years. The main products of the company are MorphE, a presentation software for patient education, incorporating more than 140 static images and morphing movies that showcase orthodontic appliances and treatment methods, and Viewbox, a cephalometric software that is completely customizable and can measure 2D diagnostic records (radiographs, photographs, etc.), incorporating, apart from an array of conventional measurements, basic morphometric capabilities, such as Procrustes superimposition and Principal Component Analysis of shape.

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2007 dHAL Annual Monitoring 2008-02-26
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2007 dHAL Appointments Monitoring 2008-02-26
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Annual Meeting 2009 2009-01-06
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A cephalometric morphometric study of the sella turcica 2010-01-01
Geometric morphometric evaluation of cervical vertebrae shape and its relationship to skeletal maturation. 2010-01-01
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Madrid 2008 Workshop 2009-01-06
Madrid 2008 Workshop 2009-01-06
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Morphofest Workshop attendance 2006-12-19
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