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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Museo N. Ciencias Naturales.
Phone: + 34 - 91 - 411 - 13 - 28 etx. 1201
Fax: + 34 - 91 - 564 - 50 - 78


The working group belonging to the National Museum of Natural Sciences, a subdivision of the CSIC, itself is a relatively young unit. Nonetheless, the unit has a considerable scientific output and much expertise in human palaeontology, craniofacial development, hominoid and hominid variability and morphological evolution, geometric morphometric tools, fossil analysis and experimental approach to bone growth and remodelling. This broad range of activities from field and museum work to collaborations in nasomaxillary surgery planning will provide an outstanding ground for interdisciplinary network training activities. One of the more specific topic studied in the CSIC group (e.g. bone remodelling and dental microstructure) will benefit greatly from technological advances pioneering by other partners. The integration of patterns of variation at micro- and macro anatomical levels in the human skeleton, a central theme of this RTN, is a central emphasis of ours as well.

Scientific staff:


Dr. Antonio ROSAS

Profesor de Investigación

Scientist in charge for EVAN

Paleoanthropology, craniofacial development, skull morphometrics


Dr. Markus BASTIR

EVAN ER-Fellow

Skull morphometrics, paleoanthropology, craniofacial biology




Paleohistology, paleoanthropology




3D imaging, paleoanthropology, database design




Paleohistology , paleoanthropology



Rosas A., Martinez-Maza C., Bastir M., Garcia-Tabernero A., Lalueza-Fox C., Huguet R., Ortiz J.E., Julia R., Soler V., Torres T.d., Martinez E., Cañaveras J.C., Sanchez-Moral S., Cuezva S., Lariol J., Santamaria D., de la Rasilla M.Fortea J., 2006. Paleobiology and comparative morphology of a late Neandertal sample from El Sidrón, Asturias, Spain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103:19266-19271.


Bastir M., O'Higgins P.Rosas A., 2007. Facial ontogeny in Neanderthals and modern humans. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274:1125-1132.


Rosas A.Bastir M., 2004. Geometric morphometric analysis of allometric variation in the mandibular morphology from the hominids of Atapuerca, Sima de los Huesos Site. The Anatomical Record Part A 278A:551-560.


Philips XL-20 electron microscope with back scatter detector and EDAX, Laboratory of Histology, 3D-software packages (Mimics 8.11, Mimics STL+ 8.11), 3D-digitisers (Microscribe 3DX), PC workstations, CT- data of extant hominoids, X-ray primates and human craniofacial data, original specimens and CT-data of Neanderthals (El Sidrón).

Regular teaching programme:

Doctorate courses on Evolution and Paleoanthropology at universities UCM; UAM, Granada, Sevilla