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Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique,
Unité de neuro-imagerie anatomo fonctionnelle
Phone: + 33 - 1 - 69 - 86 - 77 - 70
Fax: + 33 - 1 - 69 - 86 - 77 - 86
The UNAF laboratory, located in the Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot (SHFJ), in the suburb of Paris, has a worldwide recognized position in the Human Brain Mapping community, from methodological developments (data acquisition, model and data processing), to Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical applications. The computer vision team (ATOM) is an international leader for the development of methods to map and to study the cortical folding patterns and the cortex connectivity from MR data. These morphometric methods are freely distributed to the brain imaging community for applications on large databases of MR brain data ( , thousand of brains processed). Some of the databases dedicated to psychiatric diseases and brain development are built in SHFJ.

ATOM team develops also an original model of the inter-individual variability of the cortical folding patterns based on ontogeny. This interest in morphogenesis fits the research about phylogeny underlying EVAN network.
Scientific staff:
(a) Dr. Jean-François MANGIN
permanent position
Scientist in charge for EVAN
Computer vision, brain development and morphometry
(b) Dr. Denis RIVIÈRE
permanent position
Computer vision and software design, cortical folding
(c) Dr. Yann COINTEPAS
permanent position
Image analysis and software design, fiber bundles
permanent position
3D prototyping and software design
(e) Isabelle DENGHIEN
permanent position
Training students and collaborators
(f) Dr. Arnaud CACHIA
postdoctoral fellow
Brain development and morphometry, schizophrenia
(g) Dr. Edouard DUCHESNAY
postdoctoral fellow
Data mining, brain morphometry, autism
(h) Dr. Pascal CATHIER
postdoctoral fellow
Image analysis, nonlinear registration
(i) Muriel PERRIN
Image analysis and brain connectivity
(j) Vincent ELKOUBY
Image analysis and inference of models of brain connectivity

1. J.-F. Mangin, D. Rivière, A. Cachia, E. Duchesnay, Y. Cointepas, D. Papadopoulos-Orfanos, D. L. Collins, A. C. Evans, J. Régis (2004). Object-based morphometry of the cerebral cortex. IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., 23(8):968-982.
2. J.-F. Mangin, F. Poupon, E. Duchesnay, D. Rivière, A. Cachia, D. L. Collins, A. C. Evans, and J. Régis (2004). Brain Morphometry using 3D Moment Invariants. Medical Image Analysis, 8:187-196.
3. A. Cachia, J.-F. Mangin, D. Rivière, F. Kherif, N. Boddaert, A. Andrade, D. Papadopoulos-Orfanos, JB. Poline, I. Bloch, M. Zilbovicius, F. Brunelle, J. Régis (2003). A Primal Sketch of the Cortex Mean Curvature: a Morphogenesis Based Approach to Study the Variability of the Folding Patterns. IEEE Trans. Med. Imag., 22(6):754-765.

Core of the team developing BrainVISA/Anatomist framework ( Other programming and analysing softwares (Matlab, SPM, C++, Python), unix workstations, several MR scanners: 1.5 , 3T, 7T (human, 2007), 17T (animal, 2007), 2 PET scanners for human, microPET and microCT for animals, large collections of MR-data: control subjects (babies, kids and adults) and diseases like autism and schizophrenia

Regular teaching programme:

Brain Imaging (acquisitions, analysis, neurosciences)