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The Research Institute Senckenberg has a long tradition in natural sciences based on one of the largest natural history collections in Germany. The Dept. of Paleoanthropology&Quaternary Paleontology is devoted to the reconstruction of evolutionary development of mammals and the interpretation of the dependency of biomechanical types of construction on environmental influences. Beside the intensive field work at African, Asian and European sites, the unit focuses on modern techniques for digital data acquisition, processing, analysis, and publication.

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Annual Monitoring
RISE 2008-03-03
Appointments Monitoring
RISE 2008-03-03
2.5 Data Archive
STL models from RISE fossil hominin collections 2008-12-19
RISE CT data collection of ape skulls 2008-12-19
3.6 Scientific breakthroughs
Publication of Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis 2010-01-05
1.3 Strategic Contacts/interactions
[···] 2010-01-05
Press conference and EVAN exhibition opening at NEMU 2010-01-05
Collaboration with University Witten/Herdecke 2008-12-18
collaboration with GEO 2008-12-18
CT scanning of collection specimens 2008-12-18
1.4 Development of collaborations
New collaboration with University of Toronto 2010-01-05
Student exchange between RISE and MPEA 2010-01-05
Meeting at Univeristy Witten-Herdecke, Insitute of Anatomy 2010-01-05
Workshop for Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis with DFG researchgroup 771 2010-01-05
RISE - MPEA collaboration in virtual tooth analysis 2008-12-18
2.2 Exhibitions
EVAN exhibition "Humankind in 3D" in Leipzig 2008-12-18
EVAN exhibition "Humankind in 3D" in Vienna 2008-12-18
EVAN exhibition "Humankind in 3D" 2008-12-18
Temporary exhibition "Humankind in 3D" 2008-01-16
RISE_gross.png 2007-07-13
4.6 Fellows have access to infrastructure ...
[···] 2008-12-22
ESR Access to all research facilities at RISE 2007-01-18
1.5 Invitations SIC/Fellow/Staff
EVAN exhibition "Humankind in 3D" opening ceremony 2008-01-17
Jubiläums-Symposium Funktion - Ästhetik - Implantologie 2007-01-19
3.4 Response in public media
Spiegel TV production for german television ZDF Abenteuer Wissen 2010-01-05
Radio Interview concerning virtual anthropology and EVAN 2008-12-22
Press conference before opening EVAN exhibition 2008-01-18
Response in public media EVAN exhibition "Humankind in 3D" 2008-01-18
Radio Interviews 2006-12-22
2.9 Development of new methods
Concept of Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis published 2010-01-05
Advanced Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis 2008-12-19
2.3 Models
STL Models and CT data from RISE collections 2008-12-19
4.1 EVAN-Partner(s)/fellow(s) organising
Participation in EVAN annual meeting 2009 in Athens 2009-12-12
[···] 2009-12-12
[···] 2008-12-19
Intensive Training Course Evolution and Function of mammalian dentition 2008-01-15
4.2 ESR presenting PhD thesis
[···] 2009-12-12
2.1 Publications
Taxonomic Assessment of the Trinil Molars Using Non-Destructive 3D Structural and Development Analysis 2010-01-05
Report of Three Fused Primary Human Teeth in an Archaeological Material 2010-01-05
Benefits and Risks in Virtual Anthropology 2008-12-19
1.2 Secondments of fellows
Nespos Workshop at NEMU 2006-12-22
4.4 Supervision/tutoring of fellows
[···] 2008-12-22
[···] 2008-12-22
[···] 2008-12-19
Organizing of Intensive Training Course at RISE 2008-01-18
Recruiting and Individual Training of ESR Luca Fiorenza 2007-01-18
4.5 EVAN Partner organising individual training
[···] 2010-01-05
Individual training of ESR Luca Fiorenza at RISE in functional analysis of occlusal surfaces of teeth 2007-01-18
1.1 Visits SICs/Fellows/Staff
Visit at Dental laboratory in Heppenheim 2010-01-05
Visit at MPI for research collaboration etc. 2010-01-05
Visit for research collaboration at UNVI 2010-01-05
EVAN Annual Meeting in Athens 2010-01-05
[···] 2010-01-05
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