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2.1 Publications Perspectives on Primate Morphology nsingh
2.1 Publications The Neanderthal "chignon": Variation, Integration and Homology. pgunz
2.1 Publications Origins of modern human diversity; Subdivided ancestral population in Pleistocene Africa. gweber
2.1 Publications Molar crown thickness, volume, and development in South African Middle Stone Age humans MPEA
2.1 Publications Thin-plate spline analysis of the cranial base in African, Asian and European populations and its relationship with different malocclusions mbastir
2.1 Publications Cioclovina: A virtual assessment of endocranial morphology in an early European fossil elkranio
2.1 Publications Technical note: Morphometric maps of long bone shafts and dental roots for imaging topographic thickness variation pbayle
2.1 Publications From outer to inner structural morphology. The integration of the third dimension in the visualization and quantitative analysis of fossil dental remains pbayle
2.1 Publications Modern human molar enamel thickness and enamel-dentine junction shape MPEA
2.1 Publications Habitual loading conditions of the shoulder joint in Pan troglodytes and Homo sapiens and its implications on humeral trabecular architecture MPEA
2.1 Publications Dental tissue proportions and enamel thickness in Neandertal and modern human molars elkranio
2.1 Publications Occlusal Fingerprint Analysis (OFA) –Quantification of tooth wear pattern. lfiorenza
2.1 Publications Three-dimensional geometric morphometrics applied to the study of children with cleft lip and palate from the North East of England. YORK
2.1 Publications Dental tissue proportions and enamel thickness in Neandertal and modern human molars. MPEA
2.1 Publications Report of Three Fused Primary Human Teeth in an Archaeological Material RISE
2.1 Publications Psychomorphospace—From Biology to Perception, and Back: Towards an Integrated Quantification of Facial Form Variation UNVI
2.1 Publications Does geometric morphometrics serve the needs of plasticity research? UNVI
2.1 Publications Tibial shape analysis – a quantitative approach for the whole bone. mfrelat
2.1 Publications The face of Dar-es-Soltane 5: A re-assessment MPEA
2.1 Publications Patters of cranial integration in Pan, Gorilla, Pongo and Homo: similar or different? nsingh

EVAN Fellowship Informations:

The main purposes of our EVAN network are the training-through-research, including Ph.D. studies of young researchers under the supervision of experienced scientists, clinicians and developers who share common interests in quantitative morphology and state-of-the-art imaging and analysing techniques.

Read more about:

Over the period of 48 months of the project, it is planned to recruit:

  • 18 Early Stage Researchers
  • 14 Experienced researchers
The distribution of ESR and ER months over the course is given in the tablegraphic below.
Most of the fellows will be employed with a fixed contract.

Fellows assignments:

Fellow Assignment Chart
click here to enlarge the chart


ESR: Early Stage Researcher
ER: Experienced Researcher